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The most common mistakes in thesis writing.

The following are the most common mistakes made in the writing of objectives in a thesis, in addition to the inappropriate use of verbs. Confusion between a general objective and a specific objective; Propose as an specific objective an operation that is mandatory in the methodology or that is very evident (for example: specific objective “Review existing information on the subject “); Propose the specific objectives exaggerated, impossible or very difficult to meet (for example: general objective “Eliminate the waste of water from the city”) where the correct form would be: “Reduce the waste of water in the city “Here you can see that between eliminating and decreasing there is a big difference; Write the objectives in disorder. When there are many goals, in general some must be presented first than the others and thus must be written; The writing of the title of the thesis as a general objective. It may be that the title is poorly crafted because it is very general; The title should resemble specific objectives.

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