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Why Statistical Analysis Help is Necessary for PhD dissertation

Why statistical analysis help is necessary for PhD dissertation?

As a PhD student, you will work on a PhD thesis in order to obtain the PhD. The thesis sums up the results of several years of research. These results are also presented in a conference (the so-called defense) to a panel and answer questions. There are high demands on this work: every claim must be proven, every decision and every step corroborated, logical thought jumps must not occur. Especially in non-mathematical disciplines, it is difficult for young researchers to analyze large amounts of data autonomously with SPSS. Writerhubs.com supports you with professional advice and assistance for your Ph.D. thesis. Please send us a non-binding inquiry on our client form, in which you discuss your needs. We will contact you as soon as possible with a concrete offer!

Writerhubs.com supports you as part of your PhD thesis!

With your doctoral dissertation, you will demonstrate your expertise in your field and master the scientific procedures. The use of statistical methods is only a means to an end and should not steal too much of your short time. Writerhubs.com experts help you select and execute the right course of action. We have extensive experience in supporting doctoral candidates in medicine. These often have problems as part of your statistical memory. They are happy to help you as a conversation partner, coach and constructive expert. Our expert stands by you and has only one goal: your success. They draws on the experience of their own research and the many years of consultation with PhD students.

Phases of a dissertation

Regardless of the subject, a dissertation takes place approximately in the following phases:

Rough planning: a topic and a research question are defined. Without outside help, it’s difficult, because at the beginning of your thesis, you still do not have an overview of previous research. Either your thesis supervisor will help you with this or you will get competent outside help, for example from Writerhubs.com experts.

 Documentary research: Before you even develop something new, find out about previous research. This includes collecting useful definitions and templates, previous results on your research questions and the like, and useful tools such as a well-established questionnaire. You can read indiscriminately all that search engines spit on your keywords, or get expert advice: Which authors and books are relevant to this topic? Which one must necessarily be cited and which represents more opinions of outsiders? What procedures have been proven and are considered “state of the art” in the department? Writerhubs.com experts help you target your document searches.

 Detailed Planning: Based on your synthesis of previous research, you can complete your research question, plan work packages and appointments. For empirical or statistical work in particular, this requires the choice of the statistical method to be used and the statistical tool to be used. Before you even collect data, it is important to plan how you will evaluate it to detect any logical planning errors.

Implementation: Based on a good plan, implementation is easy. However, difficulties can arise such as: too few participants participate in my survey. The expected effect did not occur or was not statistically significant. These problems must then be solved.

Assessment: For most doctoral theses, this is a statistical evaluation. Here, it is necessary to correctly use the correct method of analysis and interpret the results correctly. Often, SPSS is used in an essay because this program is ideally suited for analyzing large datasets.

Writing together: The results of your dissertation are summarized in the doctoral thesis. In addition, scientific publications in journals and conferences are usually added.  In the end, the doctoral thesis should be your own scientific work, but our consultant helps you focus on the essentials, avoid trial and error and reach your goal with finality.

WRITERHUBS.COM specifically supports PhD students with statistical advice

The experts of Writerhubs.com will be happy to assist you in your PhD thesis. In particular, doctoral candidates in non-mathematical disciplines are often overwhelmed by the requirements of statistical assessments, which means that WRITERHUBS.COM offers appropriate support through statistical advice. You will be assigned an expert who is not only familiar with PhD theses but also in your area of ​​expertise. He can assist you in all statistical activities during the preparation of your doctoral dissertation, is available as a partner and discussion guide and can evaluate your results for their scientific quality. It also takes an unscientific part of the tasks, such as improving the presentation of your results, or perform a second analysis of your data according to scientific criteria. For your doctoral dissertation and the final presentation, we create graphics for you, improve the layout, check the grammar and spelling, but also the complete argumentation according to scientific criteria. Contact us for a free preliminary engagement without obligation.

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